Gay Men’s Underwear

At Richard Hunter Apparel, our men’s underwear will definitely bring all the boys to the yard!

If you are the kind of man who always wants the best, it only makes sense to want the same when it comes to your underwear. What goes underneath your clothes counts too! Underwear is an important extension to your wardrobe, whether or not you are the only person who sees it. 

We understand the intimate nature of underwear, as it is the closest thing to your body. So why compromise on looking sexy? For men’s underwear that makes a big impression, check out our range of trunks, briefs, boxer briefs and jock straps. With undies like these, your pants will look better at your knees. We know as a gay man you have high expectations for an underwear and a plain, cheap or ill-fitting pair of underwear is totally unacceptable. With different cuts, designs and colours, we have underwear to suit every occasion – whether it’s for pride week, a party, the beach or just to impress that special someone.

Finding the perfect pride men’s underwear is very important, as in some cases that may be the only garment you are left with by the end of the night. Our pride collection is perfect for turning heads and keeping your package and buns supported at the same time. If you want to spice things up, our XXX jockstraps not only look sexy but also provide ample support and protection. With that in mind, get rid of your tighty-whiteys and restock your top drawer with our latest collection.

Your underwear should dictate your mood and personality. Colours by day, black for night. In terms of style, you can go for mild to wild. Whether it’s the classic boxer brief or XXX jockstrap, there is a pair for you to wear anywhere. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep yourself updated on all the latest designs and trends of our range of men’s underwear.

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